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ENCOUNTER is a youth choir ministry of Main Street United Methodist Church comprised of Christian youth from 9th through 12th grade representing 30+ churches in the Alton area dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through the ministries of music, service, fellowship, and participation in the life of the church. Traditionally, rehearsals begin each year in January, with the first performance on Easter Sunday at Main Street United Methodist Church.

ENCOUNTER is open to any denomination and auditions are not required to become a member. However, every member must have written permission from his/her parent to join.


ENCOUNTER is not merely a place to sing and have fun. It is a place where young Christian people can grow and mature in their relationship with one another and in their walk with God. 

ENCOUNTER has 15 adult sponsors in addition to the music director and staff pastor.

ENCOUNTER is mostly self-supported, earning money through fund-raisers, contributions and gifts from individuals, businesses, and organizations in the area.

ENCOUNTER performs 10 to 15 times a season; including a 10-day performance/service tour each July/August.

For more information about Encounter, click here to visit our Encounter website!
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