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Tim Pate

My Ministry Gifts

I am very personable. My leadership and problem solving skills have found their foundation in relationship building. 


I enjoy involvement with the community and have been active in various groups and leadership teams over the years, helping to transform the alternatives that are offered in the town and the county where I serve. 


I love music, singing and playing the drums.  I am presently singing in our choir and playing contemporary Christian music in a clergy band that travels around the conference playing for events and worship services.  I favor blended worship music where different music styles are offered to the folks attending the services. 



Becky and I have been married since 1972.  We were High School sweethearts and met in Eldorado, Illinois in Jr. High.  Becky is very supportive of ministry and sees it as "our" ministry together.  Becky just retired in 2015 from teaching kindergarten in Greenville, IL and enjoys music and singing, has led and participated in bell choirs and chancel choirs, and plays the piano.


We have two adult children living with us.  Alan, our oldest son works in Granite City at Ty-Cor, a kitchen and bathroom cabinet and counter supply store.  He has two daughters who get to visit him every two weeks, Gracie age 12 and Savannah age 9.  He plans on living with us for a few more years.  We lost our second son, Brian, in an auto accident in 1999; we still miss him.  Christopher, our third son has completed a year and a half of college at SWIC.  He is taking a break to sort out his future and to earn money.  He works at Old Navy in Glen Carbon near the Dierbergs Market.


Other Interest Outside of Ministry

​I enjoy fishing and being outdoors.  Becky and I enjoy traveling together, working in the yard, and shuffling large storage tubs she has for teaching and children's ministry. I support Becky in her vocation as she does her magic with those children in the church. I love her gifts and imagination to teach and direct children's ministry and to decorate the church. 


Becky and I love to go to church camp in Eldorado and have a little cabin there.  We enjoy planning and working during the youth and children's camps, and we find the preaching and fellowship during Holiness camp to be irresistible. We love family time and look forward to those special moments with our sons and granddaughters. 

Kyle Steward

Kyle is a wanderer who believes that God is found in broken and desolate places. Kyle seeks God that is whom God is. He is breath and life, dust and bone. Kyle believes that "Love Does". He is a creative, an outdoor enthusiast, dreamer, doer of ugly dancing, Metho-nerd, coffee addict, wanderer, seeker, sharer of hope, lamenter, rejoicer, broken and made new. 


His passion for others and community has led him to participate in ministries of justice with transient communities, clean water ministries in Liberia, and re-imagining what it means to be church by co-creating The Commonwealth STL. Kyle has served as a worship leader of the Thirst worship service for young adults.


Kyle is a Midwesterner with a love of the northwest. He enjoys going on long drives in the fall with the windows down and some good tunes playing. He feels most relaxed listening to old records on rainy days. For fun, Kyle enjoys going to local coffee shops to hang out with friends, work on new sketches, or read a good book.

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